i need help does anyone know any good sex blogs

dirty sex or cute sex i don’t care

gimme sex blogs pelase

whats the best foundation?

in need of recommendations
what’s your favorite book or books?

someone help me bc i just wanna cut that’s all i wanna do all i want is to feel a different kind of pain not an emotional, mental kind of pain but a physically kind of pain bc that is real pain the pain i feel on the inside is weak i’m weak all i want is to drag that cold, thin shiny strip of metal across my tortured wrists and see the skin separate and watch the blood peer out and fall down my wrist like my tears do on my face i want the mental pain to escape when i cause physically pain i want to see my tears and blood mix with the shower water as they gather on the tub floor i want to feel that burn i want to look down and feel alive i want to control my own pain instead of the others around me i want to bleed someone help me bc i just wanna cut

where can i get a cute, not super expensive pair of oxford shoes?

if someone can either

  1. help me get an image on my background because i have tried 9865432 times
  2. help me find an image with a black background

if you could help me with one or another i will put you in my first blog of the week

ok thx guys